To be a Winner in the tight of competitiveness, it will be started from the spirit of Victory in our heart, this spirit will boost performance in every activities,

Bakrie Autoparts Corporate Values are :
Visionary : Be able to see to what we want to achieve as a part of organization.
Integrity : Integrity is the most important aspect to produce the trust in running the company well in a point of customers view.
Customer Oriented : Customers will repay to goods we produce and it will impact to wealth of employee’s life.
Teamwork : Being one heart as one company not a part will effect the speed of achievement within organization.
OperationExcellence : Every employee is charged to have an excellence way of doing jobs in order to achieve excellent outcomes that make customers satisfied.
Responsibility : When doing jobs, every employee must starts with value of being responsible and reliable which will effect excellent outcomes.
Yield Orientation : Focused on results that repay for our efforts which could be contributed to wealth of employee, organization, family and nation.

PT. Bakrie Autoparts KM. 27 Pondok Ungu Bekasi-17132 PO. BOX 112/BKS - INDONESIA Phone : (62 21) 88976601-3 Fax : (62 21) 88976607 Email :